18 Fun Accessories for Beach Bike Rides

When you are on your day off and the sun is out, the open road may seem to be calling. There’s no doubt about it—it’s time to take your bike for a ride to the beach.


Make great memories by riding along the beach! If you’re lucky and time it just right, you can gaze at the sunset as the waves crash on the short, after taking a break.


To make the most out of this beach side cruise, make sure that your bike is ready by adding fun accessories to it.


The accessories you add to your bike should be the best (not necessarily the most expensive) and functional. They should not make your ride uncomfortable in any way.


Here are a few accessories to add to your bike for your next beach ride:

  1. Lights

Lights for your bike are necessary even though your ride may be during the day. When you are riding and it’s raining, overcast or the beach is overcrowded, people will be more likely to see you when the lights are on. This helps keep you safe.

Near the beach, motorists may not see well because of the sun, therefore, bike lights can make you more visible to them.

Also, your bike lights will help you see obstacles if any seem to pop up while riding on a dim trail.

Depending on where you live, you may need to get a light for the rear side of your bike, on for the front side or even get multiple lights installed for an easy ride through a busy beach side road.

  1. Bells

You may think that kids are the only ones that need a bike bell, but you also need one. This is because it is one of the most effective and fastest ways to notify pedestrians and other riders around you.

Bells are easy to reach as they are located on the handlebars. This means you can ring it within a few seconds. Bike bells keep you and those on the trail at the beach safe.


  1. Fenders

Are you riding along the beach during winter and worried about your bike? Are you afraid that the sand or mud will hit and kick up your tires?

Fenders are great accessories to have as they protect the spokes of your wheels from debris. Tires that get saddled with sand, water or rocks always have a short lifespan.

Even though fenders do not remove all the debris or moisture, they do help a lot. When you get back home from a ride along the beach, ensure that you wipe down your tires and fenders.

  1. Panniers

Pannier bags are also a fun accessory to have for your beach ride. You can use these bags to carry anything you want to take to the beach along with you, such as snacks and a light blanket if you want to lie down. You can hang them on either side of your bike.

You can also put your farmers market groceries in them on your way back home. Ensure that the weight is distributed evenly on both sides of your bike. You don’t want a case where your bike is naturally leaned on one side when riding.

  1. Grips

Even though you are going for a short ride along the beach, it doesn’t mean that your bike’s performance should be low. Improving its performance by adding grips is important.

Grips allow you to maintain control of the handlebars. This enables you to easily navigate the flat straightway and switchbacks without your hands slipping.

  1. Water Bottle Cage

To ensure that you’re safe, staying hydrated is key. If you are an adult, for every one hour during your ride, you should drink almost 20 ounces of water.

water bottle cage will allow you to carry your water bottle with you on your ride. You can store it in the cage and easily grab it when you want to quench your thirst, even while in motion.

Your water bottle will not sweat as the condensation drips down the side. This means that the cup holders of the bottle will not collect water.

  1. Patch Kits

Patch kits are accessories not necessarily for fun but function. This is because they help you repair your bike in case it gets damaged. If you get a flat tire and are still far from home, you can easily fix the puncture using the kits.

When you get home, ensure that you fully repair your tire. Having a patch kit just means you won’t have to carry your bike home or ask strangers for help.


  1. Baskets

Having a basket as an accessory makes your bike more functional. You can put a basket on the rear side or front side of your bike (or both).

Having a bike basket allows you to buy a new towel at the beach shop or carry tomatoes home from the farmers market. Apart from riding along the beach, you can also use your bike to run errands.

Having a basket as an accessory makes your bike more functional. You can put a basket on the rear side or front side of your bike (or both).

Having a bike basket allows you to buy a new towel at the beach shop or carry tomatoes home from the farmers market. Apart from riding along the beach, you can also use your bike to run errands.

Your bike basket can carry all your necessities for the beach such as lunch, towels or extra clothes if you are going swimming.

You can get a basket that is covered so that the components don’t fly out when inclining. Also, you can get yourself a fun basket liner to accessorize your basket.

  1. Mirrors

Observing traffic rules is essential to ensure that everyone is safe—especially if you’re riding on a narrow or new terrain. With mirrors, you can see if another cyclist is approaching you.

Mirrors can also help you see other people on the beach to avoid hitting them. At the beach, you may need to allow pedestrians and other cyclists to pass through. Mirrors will help you know when to pull to the side.

  1. Self-Sealing Tubes

When filling your tires with air, it is the inner tube that you are actually filling. Flat tires can pop or deflate the tube. Having a self-sealing tube will ensure that you are not stranded at the beach with an irreparable tire.

When the tire experiences a tear or puncture, these tubes seal themselves. However, you should still carry a patch kit with you, just in case.

  1. Bike Speaker Mount

Rides along the beach during summer is meant for listening to music.

A bike speaker mount can hold your bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to your favorite tunes and beats while riding (which eliminates the safety hazard of headphones).

Some wireless speakers come with a bike mount. They are connected to your phone while it’s stored safely in your bag.

  1. Bike Phone Mount

It is necessary to carry your phone with you when riding. A secure bike phone mount will ensure that you are connected with your friends and family, no matter what—it can also help you take beautiful photos at the beach during sunset.

The best phone mount should be easy to use. This means that it can rotate to allow for landscape or vertical viewing. Find a handlebar phone holder that has a universal fit to store your smartphone whether it has a case or not.

  1. Beach Cruiser Rear Rack

This is an affordable accessory to your bike and it improves its functionality. When you are going for a long ride along the beach, you can use the cruiser rear rack to carry your food, any luggage you might have and more.

  1. Bike Storage Pack

If you are riding for a few hours along the beach, a small pack is enough to store sunblock, snacks, your wallet, and keys.

  1. Smart Helmet

In most cases, ‘safety first’ is a mantra to be remembered. A smart helmet provides both utility and safety.

It is not just comfortable and safe; a smart helmet has lights that allow you to signal pedestrians and other cyclists your intention.

  1. Bike Lock

If you love your bike, you would want to keep it safe from potential thieves. A bike lock with a cable and U-lock combination will keep your bike safe from the thieves.

This means that you can go for a dip in the ocean without worrying about your bike being stolen.

  1. First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen even with proper riding techniques and the best precautions. You want to be ready if it happens. A first aid kit will help you treat any small wounds adequately and quickly.

  1. Cycling Sunglasses

Riding along the beach and feeling the sun on your skin can be an amazing feeling. In as much as the sun is great, it can be dangerous if it is preventing you from seeing what is in front of you.

Sunglasses designed for cyclists are a necessary accessory to have as they provide a good level of protection from the sun without interfering with your vision.


Accessories Make a Beach Bike Ride Fun


Having fun accessories for your bike is unlimited! But you need to have a proper setup.

First, keeping safe is priority number one: helmets, mirrors, and patch kits are accessories that can keep you protected.

Once you are safe, you can add fun accessories to your bike. Most bike accessories make your ride easier, smoother and make you look stylish. Your riding can be limited if you do not have the right setup and equipment.

Hopefully, the list above will enable your ride along the beach become safer, easier and fun.