20 Best Cycling Apparel Brands


In the athletic equipment world, cycling apparel is in a class of its own. It has the same responsibility as your sportswear. Because it keeps you dry, unencumbered and cool. It also has to fit you well so that it does not produce any drag.

There are great cycling apparels out there that make capable and attractive cycling kits for cyclists. Over a long time, cyclists used restrictive and heavy wool clothing which were heavy when wet, scratchy and loose.



However, things turned around when an Italian tailor named Castelli introduced cyclist apparel made of silk fabrics that were cool and light-weighted. As time went by, several other fabrics were introduced including polyester and Lycra.

Current cycling apparels tend to vary, some brands have simple and old school designs while others go for loud and fun colorways.


The 20 best cycling apparel brands:


  1. God and Famous

God and Famous is one of the memorable names founded in 2012 in the USA. It is a top brand located in New York City. It focuses on urban cycling wear. Their steadfast wear and reflective kits optimize on ensuring that you are not injured or sideswiped during your morning commute.
It includes a range of smaller garments and accessories like socks, each piece portraying a very distinctive design. God and Famous are among the best cycling apparel brands in the market.


  1. Black Sheep Cycling

Black Sheep Cycling was founded in 2014 in Australia. It focuses on the best level of aesthetic distinctions while also giving performance and comfort. The main objective of Black Sheep Cycling was to be different from other people, therefore, it gives customers an alternative to the standard fare.



A look at the outstanding line up of their amazing cycling kits will tell you everything. Hoping that no one gets injured when they turn to look at your wonderful attire.


  1. Volero

This cycling brand brings together Italian artisanship with Australian design to an absolute smart effect. Two brothers; Simon Mottram and Luke Scheybeler who had a passion for fashion and sport started it and they have kept the brand exciting and fresh.

Volero updates its product lines regularly to keep up with the competition in the market. This is to say, if it functional innovative, and new, you will get it here.


  1. MAAP

This is another brand that puts Australia on top. Jarrad Smith and Ollie Cousins founded it in 2014. MAAP has a logo too big to miss and an eye-catching style that is very distinctive. Because of their innovative fabrics, the apparel feels great as it looks.

They also have outstanding customer service with a program that takes 40% off for your replacement, if you prove that your current attire was unexpectedly impaired after a biking mishap.



  1. Pearl Izumi

Pearl Izumi was founded by Kinji Shimizu in 1950 in Tokyo, Japan. Kinji was a cyclist with an entrepreneurial attitude towards making clothes. Kinji got amazed when his son won the Italian made Jersey in 1984 at the Asian Cycling Championship and he set out to make the cycling apparel himself.

The brand has been crafting cycling jerseys, shorts, outwear, footwear and essentials for cyclists for over 65years. Pearl Izumi needs to be one of the world’s top brands for cycling apparel. It was the first brand to develop cycling shorts that are fully welded and to use BOA close on their cycling footwear.

Visit https://www.pearlizumi.com/ for more information on the brand.


  1. Attaquer

Attaquer is a French word meaning ‘to attack’. This cycling brand is Sydney-based and it has adopted a boundary-pushing and inspiring outlook towards the attire. It was founded in 2012 by two people who had more than 15 years in fashion and cycling.

Because of their aggressive agenda, every kit in their inventory is prevalent with technical prowess and innovation. It provides nothing but the best performance, comfort and a top-shelf style.



  1. Mavic Cycling

Mavic origins date back to 1889. It knows exactly what to do when it comes to cycling apparel. They have a top performance gear alongside breathability, supreme comfort and innovation. You can go anywhere if you throw in one of their legendary rainproof kits.


  1. Rapha

Rapha was started in 2004 as an exhibition in London brewery. It has grown to be among the best cycling apparel brands in the world. Founder Simmon Mottram’s dedication to sports comes from every spare stitch.

The brand extends beyond the sphere of the product to embrace the cycling lifestyle in various forms. Check out on their stores online or physically to become a part of the community.


  1. The Pedal


This apparel brand was founded in 2014 in Australia. It is supposedly one of the best brands in the world. The brand collaborates with Italian designers and innovative Swiss to produce quality and style in equal measures.


A number of its products use 3D printed endurance and eco-friendly materials. Pedal is the founder’s name. He is a diehard cyclist.


  1. ASSOS of Switzerland

This cycling apparel brand has a long history in the cycling world. In the mid-1970s, Tony Maier- Moussa became the first to create a carbon fibre frame and pioneered the use of aerodynamic synthetic cycling apparel.

ASSOS to date continues to make top-quality cycling gear from jackets gloves to bib shorts.


  1. Cadence

This brand was founded in San Francisco by a former bike messenger known as Dustin Klein, who is also an artist and a designer. Combining his talents with exceptional finesse, he came up with this top cycling apparel brand in 2003 and has since been a mainstay in cycling culture.
Cadence delivers from progressive hoodies to coolest cycling jerseys.

  1. Castelli Cycling

Castelli is an Italy-based cycling apparel brand, which has been equipping cyclists with optimized apparel since 1876. This gives the brand a leg up on the competition.



Their invention of sublimated jersey and skinsuit is among their many claims of fame. Castelli’s materials, bold colorways and design are the best. If you want what pros are wearing, this is the place to visit.



  1. Kirschner Brasil

This brand was founded in 2012 in Brazil. The brand infuses European-cycling heritage with Latin flair, which cuts to the heart of function and form. Kirchner Brasil makes all their clothing in Brazil but they name them after local destinations.


  1. Sigr

This brand was born in northern Sweden in the year 2017. Sigr has an exemplary reputation for tackling the region’s commendable values and epic nature. The brand’s jerseys, jackets, and shorts are produced with sustainability and are highly functional.

They have tested their unisex apparel against the harshest conditions by letting their team take part in rides and races throughout Scandinavia, with many of them running longer than Tour de France.




  1. Capo Cycling

Capo Cycling is dedicated to the best quality, design and performance. The brand keeps its products, unmistakable, progressive and fresh every year. It started in 2004 by selling casual apparel and selling technical socks and has since grown.



It has unmistakable apparel that makes it a favorite among the style seekers and trendsetters along with diehard riders. This brand has one of the best qualities of riding clothing in the market.


  1. Café Du Cycliste

The core of the brand’s philosophy is that style should not compromise performance. When you have a quick look at the brand’s gear you will notice that this founding principle is in every piece they produce.

They can achieve this because they work with small and medium-sized factories where quality control and attention to detail are important parts of the process.


  1. POC

This brand was founded in 2005 and it has since produced classic protective gear and apparel with an emphasis on this competitive cycling field. The award-winning brand ensures that the maximum level of safety and quality gets through by partnering with Olympic athletes when developing most of its products.

The result is POC: inspired by clothes from one of the best and biggest names in the game.


  1. SQD Athletica

This brand has distinguishing minimalist colorways which have earned the brand a worldwide reputation. They utilize quick-drying and lightweight fabric on every piece. This goes for all clothes, small or big.

Their spandex and polyester socks are what dreams of footwear are made of. SQD Athletica is one of the best cycling attire brands.



  1. Brandt-Sorenson

This was founded as a result of a partnership between a hardcore cyclist Nicholas Brandt-Sorenson and a fashion expert Cecilia Brandt. This brand offers handcrafted superfluous cycling accessories and attires with an elevated price tag to explain it. It is also available as an in-house service.

Wearing this apparel will cost you a dime but you will feel where your money went immediately you slip it on.

  1. Ornot

Producing anything in the US is hard because of expensive labor and complicated logistics. However, this has not stopped Ornot from committing to making all of their gears in the state. This brand is focused on producing gears that are great looking and incredibly well-performing at the same time.



Cycle in Comfort and Style


Riding a bike is a lifestyle. It is more than a hobby or sport. Each of the best apparel brands is going big on function and fashion. They use moisture-wicking and steadfast materials which will keep you dry as you cycle as well as making you look good in the process.

Just like in every other thing, not all cycling apparel is the same. Therefore, to ensure you have the best selection of your cycling gears and attires, the above listed are the top creams of the best cycling apparel brands. From the safest gear to the coolest jerseys, these brands got you covered.